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Modern Labyrinth Essays -- Literacy Analysis

Film is a type of narrating, and all accounts are, basically reused, contemporary movies must modernize an account of the past to make it available to present day crowds. This is the situation with the film, Pan’s Labyrinth. The fantasy of â€Å"Theseus and the Minotaur† has been modified and modernized in the 2006 film, Pan’s Labyrinth. The fantasy â€Å"Theseus and the Minotaur† and the ethics that exist inside it, present a setting in which it will be conceivable to decipher and break down the film Pan’s Labyrinth as a cutting edge revising of the legend. So as to see how Pan’s Labyrinth has been revised, it is imperative to initially comprehend the first fantasy of â€Å"Theseus and the Minotaur†. As indicated by Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, the narrative of Theseus and his mission to kill the Minotaur starts some time before Theseus’s birth. â€Å"Minos, the incredible leader of Crete, had lost his just son†¦while the youngster was visiting the Athenian King† (Hamilton 211). So as to look for retribution, Minos attacked Athens and â€Å"declared that he would level it to the ground except if at regular intervals the individuals sent him a tribute of seven ladies and seven youths† (Hamilton 212). At the point when the casualties arrived at Crete, they would be yielded to a monster that was â€Å"half bull, half human†, known as the Minotaur (Hamilton 212). The Minotaur was housed in a maze where â€Å"escape was impossible† (Hamilton 212). â€Å"To this spot, the youthful A thenians were each time taken and left to the Minotaur† (Hamilton 212). This custom proceeded until one year, Theseus, child of the Athenian ruler and beneficiary to seat, offered to be one of the people in question. Unbeknownst to the individuals, Theseus had each expectation of killing the brute. â€Å"When the youthful casualties showed up in Crete they were strutted before the occupants o... ...ce to courageously and insubordinately act against power as opposed to aimlessly stay devoted. This film shows the intensity of blamelessness over malice and the triumph of creative mind over dull bondage similarly as the first story of Theseus and the Minotaur, however with a darker new understanding. Works Cited Filmtracks Modern Soundtrack Reviews. (2007, January 05). Recovered May 04, 2012, from Goodykoontz, B., and Jacobs, C. P. (2011). Film: From Watching to Seeing. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Hamilton, Edith. Folklore. 1942. N.p.: Back Bay Books, 1998. Print VC. (2010, September 23). The Vigilant Citizen. Recovered May 05, 2012, from The Esoteric Interpretation of Pan's Labyrinth: interprentation-of-container maze/

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Meanings of the Spanish Word Papel

Implications of the Spanish Word Papel The Spanish word papel is a related of the English word paper and regularly has a similar significance. Papel likewise has a significant and often utilized importance not related with the English word, that of a job, for example, in a play or employment. Papel With Meanings Related to Paper When alluding to paper, papel can allude to paper all in all or to a solitary sheet or piece, despite the fact that hoja de papel can likewise allude to a sheet: Una bola de papel puede ser un buen juguete para tu gato. (A wad of paper can be a decent toy for your cat.)Las dimensiones de un papel A4 child 297 mm x 210 mm. (The elements of an A4 piece of paper are 297 millimeters by 210 millimeters.)Aunque de inicio no lo creas, una hoja de papel basic puede soportar un peso significativo. (Despite the fact that from the outset you may not trust it, a solitary piece of paper can bolster a critical weight.)El papel de arroz se usa en la cocina asitica. (Rice paper is utilized in Asian cooking.)El papel se ha convertido en uno de los productos emblemã ©ticos de nuestra cultura. (Paper has gotten one of the items normal for our culture.)Ayer yo necesitaba un papel para anotar algo. (Recently I required a piece of paper so as to record something.) Papel in solitary or plural can allude to records of different sorts: No necesito un papel para confirmar que estamos juntos. (I dont need a record to demonstrate that were together.)Me dijeron que necesito firmar algã ºn papel de prã ©stamo. (They disclosed to me I have to sign some advance document.)Si no tiene papeles de estadã ­a legitimate y es arrestado, tiene derecho a guardar silencio y pedir un abogado. (In the event that you dont have living arrangement records and are captured, you reserve the privilege to stay quiet and request a legal counselor.) Papel Referring to Roles Papel much of the time alludes to an acting job: La modelo venezolana es conocida por su papel de Rosita. (The Venezuelan model is referred to for her job as Rosita.)Hollywood sã ³lo tiene un papel para los actores rabes. (Hollywood has just a single job for Arab actors.)Alejandro tenã ­a un papel pequeã ±o en una escena en la pelã ­cula. (Alejandro had a little job in one scene in the film.) All the more comprehensively, papel can allude to practically any sort of job, for the two individuals and things: La universidad tiene un papel importante porque forma valores. (The college has a significant job since it structures values.)La iglesia tuvo un papel critical en la Europa medieval. The congregation had a vital job in medieval Europe.Los cientã ­ficos desempeã ±arã ­an un papel focal en este proceso de reforma ambiental. Researchers assumed a focal job in this procedure of natural reform.La Cmara siempre entendiã ³ que el presidente tiene un rol importante en estos asuntos. (The House consistently comprehended that the president has a significant job in these issues.) Papel in Phrases Among the expressions and phrases that utilization the word papel are these: asumir el papel - to expect the rolehacer el papel, interpretar el papel - to play the rolepapel blanco, papel en blanco - clear sheet (can be utilized figuratively)papel cuchã © - reflexive paperpapel de aluminio, papel de estaã ±o, papel de plata - aluminum foil (the last two actually allude to tin and silver foil however are by the by in some cases used to allude to aluminum foil)papel de embalar - wrapping paper, (for example, for a gift)papel higiã ©nico - bathroom tissue, shower tissuepapel moneda - paper moneypapel periã ³dico - newsprintpapel picadoâ -a sort of enriching punctured paper famous in Mexico as a decorationpapel pintado - wallpaperperder los papeles - to lose self-controlsobre el papel - in principle, on papertomar un papel - to take a roletrozo de papel - bit of paper Historical underpinnings of Papel Like the English word paper, papel originates from the Latin papyrus, which originated from the Greek papyros, alluding to a plant from which paper was once made. The importance of papel as a job originates from the move of paper that on-screen characters jobs used to be composed on. (Notwithstanding the diverse spelling, the English job additionally originates from that use.) The Spanish rol is regularly utilized equivalently for that importance. Key Takeaways Papel is regularly interchangeable with the English paper and can be utilized for various types of paper and documents.Papel likewise can allude to different sorts jobs played by individuals or articles.

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Exploring the Anatomy of a Successful Elevator Pitch

Exploring the Anatomy of a Successful Elevator Pitch © | BoBaa22This article should provide every entrepreneur with insights about 1) what is an elevator pitch, 2) 7 major components of a successful elevator pitch, 3) how to create a successful elevator pitch.WHAT IS AN ELEVATOR PITCH?Elevator Pitch: A definitionAn Elevator Pitch (or Elevator statement) is a compelling statement or summary that is used to explain to describe a service, a business, an objective or its value proposition. Such a statement is used in situations where one person is trying to convince or persuade the other about something of importance. It is a statement that is meant to grab interest in a short period of span, mostly within 60 seconds. It can also be understood as a concise and well planned/practiced description which a person gives to a business owner/leader/senior executive either to get a job, get a plan okayed or to make investors or customers get curious.The idea of an ‘elevator pitch’ focuses on a kind of a description or persuas ion tactic that can be delivered within the time span of an elevator ride. The term reflects upon an accidental scenario in which a person could be required to pitch in an idea and get registered in the listener’s mind. It is common for many people like sales persons, policy makers, project managers and evangelists to rehearse and use such statements whenever they can get an opportunity.What an elevator pitch is notA lot of people confuse elevator pitches with sales pitches. An elevator pitch is definitely not a ‘sales pitch’. A sales pitch is a statement through which a sales person or business owner tries to sell a product or win more customers. However, an elevator pitch is a statement that only aims to put forth an idea and hope that the listener would be impressed by it and would want to know further.While using an elevator pitch, one must not get caught up in trying to tell how good a product or service is. The pitch must rather be used to explain how you would do your j ob and run the business.When to use an elevator pitchAn elevator pitch doesn’t necessarily have to be used by salespersons when they are trying to introduce their products or services but can also be used in other situations and cases. It can be used when:One is trying to introduce his/her organization, its goals and how it can help the listener.One is trying to sell new ideas to a business owner/CEO or other high-level executives of the company.One is trying to get a thought across or trying to get a job by explaining how he/she could be an asset to a company.7 MAJOR COMPONENTS OF THE PERFECT ELEVATOR PITCHIn order to come up with the perfect and most intriguing elevator pitch, one has to adhere to certain principles and rules. An elevator pitch must move only higher on altitude and should hit its highest mark right at the end. One just cannot afford to sound desperate; however a decent degree of passion must be present in order to make it sound brilliant. If you are someone look ing to create a perfect elevator pitch, then don’t forget to include the following given 7 components:The Problem The first step is to try to address the problem of the customer or listener in the simplest way. You must be able to distil it to its shortest form and then try to solve it in not more than a sentence or two. This will make the listener feel that you are concerned and connected and have an insight into what is real. It will showcase your intention and will give you an edge.Your solution Now that you have pointed out to the problem, the next step is to come up with a solution, in the briefest way possible. Describe one of the solutions in a very clear and concise way that is easy to understand and gets registered in the mind of the listener. The solution must be practical, unique and should be stated in not more than 1-2 sentences. The solution that you present could be the highlight of the elevator pitch if stated correctly.Target market Another very important compo nent that must form a part of an elevator pitch in order to make it perfect is that information about your target audience or market. You must be able to talk about which segment of the market you are targeting and how many people are there in the target market. Speak a sentence or two about the same and make sure that each word counts. This will help investors to get an idea of your plan.Competition The listener wants to compare and evaluate you with respect to the other players in the same market. Thus, it is better to address this issue on your own. You will need to describe the key differentiators from your competition out there so that the listener can be convinced that you are trying to come up with a solution that is unique to you. If they like your idea better than that presented by others, they will be inclined to choose you.Your team The listener wants to know who you are working with and who your team is. This is why, it is important that you talk about your team. Tell him/them how you and your team are a business partner and how you share the same vision. Give a reason your combination works brilliantly and how it can help his/their cause. No matter how fantastic your idea is and how unique your solution is, if you don’t have the right people working with you, it’s all probably in vain.Financial summary Give a sales forecast right away to let your audience know that you are serious and want to get right down to business. This will help them know that you know your facts and have done your homework. Knowing the expense budget, and profit expectations will incline them towards your idea a little more and will give you a boost. A detailed forecast is not necessary; just give an assumption or a number that you aim to reach and can through your ideas.Milestones The next step is to talk about your goals and how you plan to reach each. By doing so, the audience will begin to understand that you already have everything planned out for you and are a lready on the path of reaching your objectives. If you have already accomplished a few of the milestones, then do make sure that you talk about them in brief. The 7 Key Components of a Perfect Elevator Pitch by @noahparsons from Palo Alto SoftwareHOW TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL ELEVATOR PITCHAn elevator pitch can surely be spontaneous, but it is always better to have it created and prepared in advance so that you can pitch it to your audience whenever you bump into them or get the opportunity. Creating an elevator pitch is not a matter to be taken lightly. You must pay enough attention to each of its sentence, parts, and details. Besides creating it, you must have it well practiced and rehearsed so that you don’t fumble in that 60 seconds you get to deliver it neatly. So here’s how you can create a compelling elevator pitch considering to include 7 components described above:Define your objective One of the first things that you will need to keep in mind to create a compelling e levator pitch is to identify and know your goals and objectives. Start by thinking about why you are creating the pitch and what do you aim to achieve it. The goal depends upon your position and who your audience is. For example, if you are a business company who wants to communicate with clients, then you must aim to achieve that but if you are an employee who wants to sell a business idea to the CEO, then you must work accordingly and so on.Describe what you do The audience probably doesn’t know you or about you and hence you must always start your pitch by explaining who you are, what organization you work for and what is it that you and your organization do. Lay stress on the problem that you solve and the kind of audience you cater to. Add stats and facts to make your pitch more real and strong. The pitch must be able to excite you because if it doesn’t excite you, how will it excite the audience? The pitch must create a clear image about you and your goals in the minds of the listeners within that one minute.Pitch your USP It is very important for you to state your Unique Selling Point or USP in the elevator pitch. For communicating this very fact, you must first know what your USP is. Sit down and think about how you or your organization is different from the others and why a customer must buy from you and not your competitors. Be honest and try to identify why you are so unique. When you come up with something, add that in the pitch in the most compelling way. Your USP must immediately draw the attention of your audience and make them know more about you.Engage your audience If your pitch is not engaging and interactive, the audience will probably lose interest right through it. The best way to make anything interactive and engaging is to include a question or give something to your audience to think about. Prepare one or a few open-ended questions that can be answered in a simple yes or no. This will involve the customers in a conversation and keep their interest hooked.Summarize Now that you have created a few sections and parts in your pitch, the next step for you is to put it all together and summarize it. Bring each part together and link it all, before you state your final statement. Read it aloud when you are done and try to analyze what is missing and whether it is well connected or not. The entire speech or pitch must not be longer than 60 seconds. If it is too long, then the audience will lose interest and may not even listen till the end of it.Practice In order to deliver the pitch in the finest way and without any errors, it is important to practice it several times before you deliver it. Remember, that practice makes perfect. Practice in front of the mirror many times and say it with confidence. Mean every word you say and pay attention that you are neither too fast nor too slow. Bring in passion and make it compelling and convincing. If you aren’t able to practice on your own, take help of a friend and as k him to point out the weaknesses so that you can perfect it before delivering it.Some Effective Tips and SuggestionsWhile you prepare and train your elevator pitch consider some tips to make it perfect:Be natural One of the most effective tips you can follow in order to create that perfect pitch is to remain natural and real. You don’t want to sound like a pre-recorded machine or program. You must show passion however also show restraint to not sound desperate. Relax as by getting nervous, you will fumble and stumble.Be honest One of the most important tips that can help you make a good elevator pitch is to remain as honest as possible. Never communicate any detail that is not true. Sometimes, in order to make the pitch more compelling, people tend to cheat and be dishonest but you must always avoid that.Have a call to action Every elevator pitch is stated for a reason and to make your objective successful, you must have some call to action. Give the audience information about how they can contact you, buy the product, invest in your idea or become a part of what you are offering.Leave them wanting more Elevator pitches are not meant to be over detailed. You must frame yours in such a way that there is still scope left for your audience to know more. In the end, they must be left intrigued and wanting more. Keep some and hold some.Six questions an elevator pitch must answer1.     What is your product or service?The first question that your elevator pitch must definitely answer is what exactly your product or service is and how can it serve the audience. You must briefly explain about the product or services offered along with their uses and USP.2.     Who is your market?The elevator pitch must also focus on what the market or target audience of your business is. For example, if you cater to young people, then you must briefly mention that in your pitch to make it clearer.3.     Who is your competition?Another question that an elevator pitch must answer is who your competition is. If you think that you don’t have any competition, then think again and be honest. The audience will appreciate if you are willing to name your competitors.4.     What is the competitive advantage of your company?By giving what your specialty / competitive advantage is and how this specialty is unique and better than that offered by others, you will be able to establish a better elevator pitch. This will help your audience know why they must opt for you rather than the others.5.     Who is behind the company?You have to present a background for the audiences so that they are better able to relate to you. Name your organization or your business partner and list a few of your achieved milestones or accomplishments.6.     What is your revenue model?Tell your audiences how you plan to make money and achieve your desired profit goals or sales figures.Four laws of an excellent elevator pitchLaw 1 Short: In order to create an excellent elevator pitch, you must make sure that it does not go on and on until the audience totally loses interest and dismisses you in their minds. The elevator pitch must be strong, short and concise. You must be able to say a lot in just a few words. Of course, being able to achieve this takes time, practice and sometimes even a few rejections. You must be able to communicate whatever you have in mind for not more than 1 minute.Law 2 Easy To Understand: Another thing that you want to do while delivering the pitch is to confuse the audience. The second they get confused, they won’t be able to understand whatever follows. So make your pitch as easy to understand as possible and go from one point to another by breaking down ideas and statements.Law 3 Greed Inducing: Your investors want to make money, and if you give them a way to make a lot of it, they will definitely be attracted to your idea. So make your pitch as greed inducing as possible.Law 4 Irrefutable: At the end of your elevator pitch or that one mi nute, the audience must just not be able to say no to you. Your elevator pitch must be irrefutable for anyone who listens to it.

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Role Of The Medical Insurance Specialist - 1322 Words

The role of the Medical Insurance Specialist is very important to the financial operation of a doctor practice, hospital or other medical facility. A Medical Insurance Specialist collects all the information necessary to prepare insurance claims, enter patient demographics and insurance information, enter ICD codes and CPT billing codes, research, correct and resubmit rejected and denied claims, bill patients and answer patient questions regarding charges. The billing process is actually the process of communication between the insurance specialist, medical provider, patient and the insurance company. This is considered the billing cycle. The billing cycle could takes days to complete or it could take months. The patient demographic†¦show more content†¦Thompson (2015) also stated that the insurance specialists always call to verify secondary insurance information and rejections. The rejections may be due to incorrect modifiers, codes or an incorrect insurance ID numbe r. The third step in the process is the healthcare provider examining the patient and recording the patient symptoms and treatment. This is recorded and the medical coder or billing MEDICAL INSURANCE SPECIALIST COMMUNICATION 3 specialist determine the ICD, CPT or HPCS coding. The coder or biller may have to communicate with the healthcare provider if there are any questions on any of the diagnoses, treatments or duration of the office visit (Dietsch, 2011). Because insurance companies are very strict on correct medical billing and coding, a small mistake can cause the insurance company to deny the claim and will then require the doctor to fix the error and the claim will need to be resubmitted (Cocchi White, n.d.). The fourth step is the charge entry, this is where the bill is created. An account is set up for every patient with the demographics and the account is assigned a number. While talking to B. Mcleod (personal communication, May 26, 2015) it was also stated that one of the key functions for charge

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A Permanent Solution Of A Temporary Problem - 1224 Words

â€Å"A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem† Hannah Smith was 14 years old when she decided she didn’t want to live anymore. She took her last breath before she hanged herself on August 2, 2013. Hannah was cyber bullied on the website, and her family believes the bullying triggered her suicide. The cruel messages were sent anonymously to Hannah, and some even told her to she should kill herself (Smith-Spark). Her father, David Smith , grievingly asked, â€Å"how many more teengers will kill themselves because of online abuse before something is done?† (â€Å"Hannah Smith†). Unfortunately, Hannah wasn’t the first or the last victim of suicide . Suicide was the tenth leading cause of death out of all ages in the United States of the†¦show more content†¦Learning and understanding more about the infinite causes of suicide in teens and young adults can help people prevent others from committing this dreadful act. Teenagers and young adults who suffer from mental health illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and insomnia, are at a greater risk of suicide and suicidal thoughts (About Suicide). Megan Fickert, a sophomore at Fairmount High school, killed herself after suffering from depression since fifth grade. Her mother, Michelle Fox, reflected, â€Å"Megan has been sick for years, and I’ve been trying to get her help for years.† Her family assured bullying wasn’t a factor. Her brother, Kevin Fickert, pondered â€Å"Nobody really knows why. We’ll never know† (McCarthy). About 95% of people who die by suicide have a psychological disorder -- such as depression -- at the time of death (About Suicide). Depression is a mental disorder that affects more than 20 million people in the United States. The symptoms of depression are: sadness, loss of interest or pleasure in activities on use to enjoy, change in weight, difficulty in sleepin g or oversleeping, energy, feeling of worthlessness, and thoughts of death or suicide (â€Å"Depression...†). Depression is not just caused by one sole reason, but from several factors which vary from person to person. Major life changes -- such as the death of a loved one, a divorce,

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MAS 500 operating system Free Essays

MAS 500 operating system can increase efficiency in management. It was built up with Microsoft office and Visual Basic and has been seen as good financial accounting software. (Sage software) MAS 500 can integrate business intelligence; order processing, distribution and manufacture (Sage software) and is designed to help companies manage operations. We will write a custom essay sample on MAS 500 operating system or any similar topic only for you Order Now The software is dependable and reliable and covers all areas of e –business and can support large volumes of data and respond to growth in the business. (Tech target. 2008) MAS 500integrates with other applications and can be customised without programming. (Tech target. 2008) The disadvantage in its implementation is the cost involved to purchase the software and then train staff to use it. However, with the increased efficiency MAS 500 is often seen as a good investment reducing costs in the long run. The time taken to upgrade can be seen as a disadvantage as it cuts into business profits. MAS 500 have been seen that leading companies have taken this new software. Fortune Brands has upgraded and MAS 500 performs general ledger, accounts payable and cash management tasks. (Best software, 2003). MAS 500 can automate areas of business management such as core and advanced financials, customer relationship management, project accounting, time and expense tracking, wholesale distribution, discrete manufacturing, warehouse management, human resources, payroll, e-business and business intelligence. (TechTarget. 2008)MAS 500 is user friendly and allows most companies to run it quickly in less time then previous soft wares. (Best software, 2003) Thus the cost constraint would eventually be outweighed by the many benefits this software has to offer. References Best software (2003) A most admired company selects MAS 500 and ASP. Retrieved from the World Wide Web on the 14Th of November 2008:http://whitepapers. silicon. com/0,39024759,60040974p,00. htm Sage software. Sage MAS 500 retrieved from the World Wide Web on the 14Th of November 2008: http://www. sagemas. com/products/sagemas500/ Tech Target. (2008) Sage Software. Sage MAS500. Retrieved from the World Wide Web on the 14Th of November 2008: http://www. 2020software. com/products/Sage_MAS_500. asp How to cite MAS 500 operating system, Papers

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Health Practitioner Regulation Agency †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Answer: Introduction Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) and Legislated Registration Standards undertakes the regulation and functioning of nursing practice and midwifery in each state in Australia and identify their key roles in protecting the public. Qualified nurses and midwives who apply for registration in NMBA are assessed against these registration standards for the fulfilment of requirements for practicing nursing and midwifery in Australia. The Legislation Registration Standards are approved by NMBA for seeking of initial registration like English communication skills, recency of practice, Professional Indemnity and criminal history. Therefore, the following report involves the exploration of these registered and regulatory management standards and its application in the future nursing practice as an Enrolled Nurse (Nursingmidwiferyboard, Australia, 2017). NMBA functions as outlined by Health Practitioner Regulation National Law carries out function in each territory and state regulating the nursing practice midwifery In Australia with a major objective of protecting public. The function of NMBA include registration of nursing and midwifery practitioners and nursing students, development of nursing guidelines, standards, codes for the nursing and midwifery practice and profession. They also handle complaints, notifications, disciplinary hearings and investigations in the nursing practice. The assessment of overseas-trained practitioners is also done by NMBA who wish to practice nursing in Australia. The Accreditation standards are approved and accreditation of nursing course of study is also done by NMBA supporting the work of the National Board in national scheme in Australia (Nursingmidwiferyboard, Australia, 2017). In Australia, ANMF is the largest union having around 249,000 members. It is run by nurses, assistants and midwives in the profession of nursing for the advancement of political, industrial and professional status. It has active and strong branches in each territory and state throughout Australia. The role of this federation is to provide high quality, accessible and affordable healthcare services to every Australian in every healthcare setting whether remote or rural, big or small hospitals. Protection of public and patient safety and care are the priorities of ANMF. The body stands for high quality care and universal healthcare to patients and make the nurses, assistants and midwives understand their roles in nursing practice. ANMF is fighting for the rights of Australians ensuring that Medicare remains free and health bureaucrats and politicians understand the funding for healthcare as a priority. ANMF prioritize to provide highest level of healthcare services and mainly focus on preventative care to reduce the burden of disease in Australia. ANMF fights for the rights of nurses in Aged Care shifts and make improvements for graduate nurses ensuring that they gain employment after their completion of qualifications and degree (Lee Thomas Annie Butler, 2017). Registration standard: Continuous Professional Development (CPD) This registration standard in NMBA sets out minimum requirements for nurses for continuing their professional development for registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives. To meet this registration standard, one must complete minimum 20 hours in CPD per registration period. The registered or enrolled nurse needs to complete the minimum CPD requirements for nursing and midwifery practice in Australia. This standard looks into the maintenance, improvement and broadening of nursing profession in their knowledge, competence and expertise. It also helps nurses and midwives in the development of qualities required for the nursing profession at personal and professional level. This registration standard evaluates the completion of CPD requirements of registered nurses or nurse practitioners who is holding an endorsement ("Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Continuing professional development", 2017). This regulation standard evaluates the criminal history of any nurse or midwife who is applying for registration in NMBA in all countries including Australia. On the behalf of NMBA, the main role of this standard is to check the criminal history management of an applicant during the registration process ensuring that only those applicants (nurses and midwives) are selected who are safe and suitable for registration and nursing practice in Australia. This standard checks that all nurses and midwives who are registering for nursing practice must be free from any offence punishable by 12 months of imprisonment. In addition, criminal history standard also checks that whether convict or found guilty of an offence is punished by imprisonment in Australia or overseas ("Optometry Board of Australia - Criminal history", 2017). NMBA has set out this standard to evaluate that all the applicants who are applying for initial registration are capable of demonstrating English language skills and thus, are suitable for registration. The role of this standard is to set out how the applicant has the capability to demonstrate English in their communication and competency to the Board that is sufficient for practicing nursing or midwifery. Two English language skills are registered in the standard that comprises of common English language applicable during initial registration and NM English language skills applicable for all nurses and midwives ("Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia - English language skills", 2017). Registration standard: Professional Indemnity Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council approves this registration standard stating that no nurses and midwives who have not covered appropriate professional indemnity insurance (PII) arrangements are allowed to practice in their respective profession. The board has approved appropriate PII guidelines in conjunction with NMBA standards. The standard checks that whether registered health practitioners hold PII arrangements that is important part of National Scheme in protecting public and addressing of risk posed by practitioners who are uninsured. PII covers civil liability, unlimited retroactive and runoff in different types of nursing practice. Nurses and midwives who are holding insurance coverage in their own name are required to retain and show documentary evidence of PII or any insurance arrangements to the Board ("Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia - English language skills", 2017). This standard means that a nurse or midwife should maintain adequate connection with the recent practice in their profession for which they are obtaining registration. The standard evaluates that the applicant is carrying valid and current nursing or midwifery registration either in Australia or overseas. It also sets out the role of nurses or midwives applying for registration whether they possess appropriate skills and qualifications relevant in their area of practice in nursing ("Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Recency of practice", 2017). This standard includes core practice guidelines providing a framework for the nurses for the assessment of enrolled nurse (EN) practice. NMBA sets out three domains under this standard that demonstrates that EN should work in collaboration with registered nurses, work towards provision of care and reflect analytical practice. This standard assesses the knowledge, capabilities, attitudes and skills of enrolled nurses within the clinically focused domains ("Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Recency of practice", 2017). Safe and competency are two core pillars of Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia. As a part of the decision-making framework if a nurse is not aware of the technique of certain procedure, she is free to take help from other experienced nurses in order practice in accordance with the nursing standards. I was not aware of the insertion of nasogastric tube so I preferred taking help and guidance from the experienced nurses in that ward (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2017). Identified Learning Needs Observation of the patients condition both before and after is the principal observational approach that must be undertaken while inserting a nasogastric tube. Here the observation of the condition encompass, proper tabulation of the body temperature, blood pressure level, respiratory rate, pulse rate, heart beat and the level of oxygen saturation. After the successful insertion of the nasogastric tube, the actual position of the tube inside the body must be radiologically confirmed and with the pH balance (less than or equal to 5). If the patient has a previour reported cases of oesophageal varices or other chronic coagulopathy then, I learned that the insertion of the nasogastric (NG) tube must be undertaken under the supervision of a professional radiologist. Patients with dry mouth syndrome, moistening of the buccal cavity with a moisten cotton bud is must. In spite of taking several preventive measures, the insertion of nasograstric tube might feel uncomfortable for certain patients. During the course of my learning process, I came to know that in order to increase the comfprt quotient, Lidnocaine gel can be use either in from of gel (inside the nostrils) or in form of spray at the back side of the throat. However, Lindocaine gel is associated with certain degree of allergic symptoms to smaller group of patients, so allergic test is must before the use of the gel. The standard process of NG tube insertion is based on the guidelines NSW, Ministry of Health, Australia. In order to assist insertion, the patient must be postured in an upright position with optimal neck/head alignment. The nostrils needs to checked in order to detect the presence of any deformity as this ill guide the best possible way of insertion. Not only this accurate measurement from the tip of the nose up to the earlobe and xiphisternum needs to be taken in centimetre calculations and then simultaneously marked over the NG tube. After the measurements are done, the tube must be lubricated adequately and then only it should to inserted within the nostrils. After insertion, the positioning must be reconfirmed via the use of radiography. If in any case, a patient is found coughing profusely or experiencing sound breathing problem then the entire insertion needs to redone on an immediate basis. However, it must also be noted that absence of coughing syndromes, do not necessarily means that tube placement has been done successfully (Fine Bore Nasogastric Feeding Tubes for Adult Policy, 2017). During the course of my training, I also learnt that the faulty insertion of the NG tube can generate trauma in the adjoining areas along with pneumothorax. Other threats of incorrect insertion of NG tube include aspiration along with tube dislodgement, occurrence of pneumonitis. Pneumonitis occurs when the nasogastric feed get deposited inside the pulmonary cavities. In rare cases, due to error in insertion, the tube can get misplaced inside the lungs. This kind of fatal occurrence is common among the patients with cribriform plate disruption intracranial insertion ((Fine Bore Nasogastric Feeding Tubes for Adult Policy, 2017). As a trainee nurse, I have gained huge knowledge regarding NG tube insertion as a part of the continuous professional development (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia - Continuing professional development, 2017). When I will start my career as an registered nurse via gathering experience from my training session, I will always keep in mind that the patients who are critically ill or at a palliative care unit are more susceptible of getting affect with the NG tube complications. Moreover, I will also remain alert that when I am inserting a NG, I must do that in zero reflexes. Any negligence in this level can cast fatal harm to the patients. For the patients with impaired blood clotting syndrome and tracheostomy, I will observe extra caution. Lastly, fine bore NG tube may cause leakage of the gastric content causing fatal oesophageal erosions, the conditions are more severe with patients who are suffering from gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD). I will never forget to refrig erate the NG tube prior insertion (Fine Bore Nasogastric Feeding Tubes for Adult Policy, 2017). Conclusion Thus from the above discussion it can be stated that a nurse must practice according to the norms of Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) in order deliver quality care to the patients. Nurses must also abide by the registration standards of the NMBA in order to successfully qualify as a registered nurse. References Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Continuing professional development. (2017) Retrieved 8 November 2017, from Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Recency of practice. 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